Apply for Secured Credit Card  -Prepaid Credit Card  -Bad Credit Credit Card  - Student CreditCard –Under Bankruptcy Credit Card
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MasterCard® credit card

Secured Credit Card  -Prepaid Credit Card  -Bad Credit Credit Card Student Credit Card

Secured Credit Card  -  Prepaid Credit Card
Bad Credit Credit Card Student Credit Card

For Canadians:

Secured Credit Card, Prepaid Credit Card and Bad Credit Credit Card and Student Credit Card are the common keywords used to describe the scenario where the credit card companies require a cash security deposit to issue a credit card.

We have made it easy for those who fall in the groups such as students, new immigrants, people without a credit history or with bad credit history ( bad credit rating /bad credit score or lower beacon score, people facing or under bankruptcy or foreclosure) to get a Mastercard Credit card or Visa Credit card within a few days.

Go ahead, print the application form, fill it and apply

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Secured Visa Credit Card
Home Truest Secured Visa Credit Card
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Requires a minimum deposit of $500. The trust company holds this as a security. Virtually all are approved, current approval rate is over 95%.

Secured Visa card

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Secured MasterCard
People Trust Secured Mastercard

Requires a minimum deposit of $500. The trust company holds this as a security Virtually all are approved, current approval rate is over 95%.



Secured Mastercard


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ulliEarn Sony Points on qualifying net retail purchases made using your Sony Card MasterCard#174;/liliGet 2,000 Sony Points after your first qualifying transaction/liliEarn Double Sony Points with every qualifying net retail purchase of Sony products at or the Sony store/ Maison Sony/liliRedeem Sony Points toward any Sony product at through the complete catalogue/liliEnhanced security and protection with Chip amp; PIN technology and PayPass/li/ul
Intro APR Intro APR Period Regular APR Period Balance Transfer Fee Annual Fee Credit Needed
N/A N/A See Terms See Terms $0 Good Credit
* Reasonable efforts are made to maintain accurate information. However all credit card information is presented without warranty. When you click on the " Apply Here " button you can review the credit card terms and conditions on the credit card issuer's web site.

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Credit Cards Can Help New Immigrants & People With Bad Credit Score Establish & Improve Their Credit Ratings

These days, it is extremely difficult to conduct daily business with ease without a credit card. Whether you use the credit card or not is not important but having one is. It appears that without a credit card, you are just NO body.

Here are the benefits of having a credit card:

1. You can have a credit card without any fee or cost. Though, there are credit cards, for which you need to pay annual fee, there are very many cards that you can have them FREE -without paying any annual fee.

2. You do not need to carry cash with you , one credit card can pay for your monthly purchases within your credit limit.

3. There are no interest costs incurred if you pay the amount due upon the receipt of your monthly billing. Many cards allow you a grace time period to pay without any additional interest charges.

4. A credit card allows you to use it to your benefit and control expenses, as it gives you your monthly statement without requiring you to keep a tab on your expenses. The monthly statement serves as your record.

5. With a credit card, you can avail yourself of special sales and discounts offered by merchants even when you do not have immediate cash. This allows you to save money; on top of that there are no interest expenses incurred when you make your payment in full.

6. Many credit cards offer cash back discounts on your purchases, this increases your savings further.

7. There are credit cards to suit every profession and every person with a different hobby. There are credit cards with special deals and rewards such as travel and hotels stay discounts, Auto-discounts and rebates and so on.

8. Many credit cards offer comfort of travel insurance and health insurance, when you travel. Some offer these at no charge and others have special packages for their credit card holders.

9. Extended warranty, many credit cards extend your warranty coverage without any additional cost This feature saves you money and gives you peace of mind for an extended time.

10. Many credit cards will protect your baggage and belongings by offering you free insurance while traveling. Some charge modest fees to give you a much improved coverage.

11. When you make payment by a credit card, your purchases may be protected against defects and poor quality. Your credit card company will come to your defense and will refund your money if it is proven that the goods sold were not what the merchants warranted to be. Without a credit card, a common consumer will not have an advocate on his side.

12. A credit card will help you rent equipment and vehicle. Many companies refuse to rent if the customer cannot produce a valid credit card.

13. In many places, a valid credit card can support and establish your identity.

14. Most of the credit cards are accepted beyond the borders of the country where these are issued, exceptions are only where there are exchange restrictions. As you do not need to carry foreign currency when travelling overseas, it can save you time and a lot hassles.

15. A credit card helps you to establish good credit for the future. Those who have suffered credit setbacks because of bankruptcy and other financial turmoil in their life, can reestablish and improve their credit rating by using secured credit cards responsibly. A 12 month time of responsible use and timely payment is sometime enough to prove your credit worthiness.

16. A secured credit card is a great tool for new immigrants and students who do not have their credit established. While new immigrants, students and people under bankruptcy may have difficulty in getting a regular credit card, secured credit card can be had with a nominal fee. Normally a credit card company would want the consumer to deposit a minimum amount with them and then issue a credit card with a credit limit up to the amount deposited. If you use your credit card, wisely, you will not pay any interest expense, but your deposit will earn the interest.

17. The very fact that with a credit card you can meet any accidental expenses is a great feeling. There is no price for this peace of mind.

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